"There is great strength in numbers"

This has many meanings in plumbing. One of these is that with your help and patience we will do our best to solve your problem together. Here are some more ...


1. There are usually numbers somewhere stamped or printed inside of the toilet.

- First, take off the tank lid and turn it upside down. If there are numbers stamped or printed underneath write them down.

- Set the tank lid aside CAREFULLY! Lay it flat (DO NOT STAND UP AGAINST WALL) Look inside the tank itself for more numbers usually printed on the inside of the tanks back wall. Write them down.


- Look for any numbers, letters etc on whatever it is that you are looking at! Could be your kitchen faucet or a part of your kitchen faucet. Some times they may be quite small so look close!


- Now contact us to see if we can help solve your problem and offer the advice and parts you need!

- Sometimes even when you find numbers they don't always help. No numbers are definitely no help. So contact us to find out what other ways we can help you!