Whether it's the hard-to-find parts or the everyday kitchen faucet, all of us here at Roy Davis Plumbing Supply have the knowledge and experience to give you what you need.

We have a large inventory of everyday items that you need. We are constantly updating pricing so we not only have what you want in stock but at the best price possible!

We firmly believe that it is important to have a knowledgeable staff to be able to give the right parts to you - the first time. It is important to us that you leave our store with the confidence that you received the correct information, as well as the satisfaction of quick and pleasant service.

September 23rd 2009 was our 20 year anniversary! Lenox came by to cut a car in half. We barbecued, had a live dj and a lot of fun! K Miller plumbing guessed closest to the amount of time it took to cut the car in half and won a $500 tool bag from Lenox! I would tell you how long but you wouldn't believe me! Take a look here for some fun!

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